BMW Genius




BMW Geniuses are knowledgeable, dynamic and tech-savvy BMW product experts who will assist you with finding a vehicle that is perfectly suited to your needs. They will help you with booking a test drive, will ensure that you understand the many exciting features of your vehicle and will answer any questions that you may have. BMW Geniuses are also available to advise existing BMW owners who may return with their vehicle to ask after-sales questions about its features.

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BMW Genius Hotline: 0800 600 888
Available Monday through Friday: 7am – 6pm


Email us with any questions that you may have.

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  • What is the benefit of Variable Sport Steering and is it a standard option?
  • What is BMW EfficientDynamics?
  • What is HDC and is it standard for BMW xDrive?
  • What is the Mobile Care option in my BMW ConnectedDrive suit and what are the benefits?
  • Which option should I select in the ConnectedDrive Main Menu should my vehicle breakdown?
  • What is the difference between Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning?
  • I would like to purchase a vehicle for my daughter; my main concern is her safety. What optional safety packages do BMW offer?
  • What is BMW Laserlight?
  • What are the benefits of High-Beam assist?
  • Can I buy a voucher and make a booking for a Driver Experience Course online? If so, what is the process?
  • What is the oil service interval on my vehicle?
  • Where can one charge BMW electric vehicles?
  • At which dealership can I purchase a BMWi product?
  • Can I fit conventional tyres to my vehicle and how will this impact the Motorplan?
  • What is covered by the BMW Motorplan?
  • Can BMW On Call assist me in the event that I breakdown after my Motorplan has expired?
  • How do I transfer the balance of a BMW Motorplan to a purchased vehicle?
  • I would like to extend my BMW Motorplan and would like to check at what stage do I become eligible to request a BMW Motorplan extension?
  • My BMW has been in an accident. The insurance company is insisting on having my vehicle repaired at a non-approved BMW panelshop, will this affect my Motorplan?