Approximately 6.1 million South Africans currently live with HIV or AIDS. The impact that this epidemic has on the workplace, families and extended communities sparked BMW to get involved in a meaningful manner that would not only make a difference to staff living with the disease, but also those closest to them.

This commitment has resulted in a BMW HIV and AIDS workplace programme which is dedicated to fighting infection through prevention, treatment and care while stimulating an environment of trust among all employees.

Today, BMW has on-site facilities which offer HIV and AIDS information, as well as counselling and testing within the company’s comprehensive healthcare service offering. The programme encourages self-responsibility by giving staff the services required to know their HIV status, and effectively manage the disease if the need arises.


The company’s pledge to fight HIV and AIDS is not only limited to staff and on-site facilities. BMW is also deeply involved in the development and upliftment of the Soshanguve Health and Wellness Centre – a joint project between BMW, the Gauteng Department of Education, the Gauteng Department of Health, the Tshwane Local Council and the Ikhwezi Trust as well as SEQUA, 3M and The Karl-Monz Stiftung.

Although the Centre provides a variety of healthcare services to now over 7000 patients monthly in the Soshanguve Block TT area, it also focuses heavily on offering testing, support and counselling for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. In addition, the centre comprises of and sustains a number of entrepreneurial business projects that the community is involved in, including the BMW SEED Programme.

On Friday, 17 July 2015,The BMW Group Associates from Plant Rosslyn and BMW Midrand answered the call for 67 minutes for Mandela Day by celebrating Mandela Day at the Soshanguve Health and Wellness Centre where they assisted in repairing the fence, painting some parts of the building and tending to the vegetable gardens.

Each volunteer that participated on the day stood a chance of winning R67 000.00 to donate to a charity of their choice. The teams dressed up, sang songs, made posters, created excitement for the day while joyfully giving back to the community.

BMW recognizes that HIV is not limited to the boundaries of the workplace and has actively reached well beyond the workforce to families and communities.


BMW South Africa in partnership with LoveLife built a Youth Centre in Knysna, which is a multi-purpose facility for young people. This Youth Centre provides a range of entertainment, sports and educational opportunities. The Youth Centre offers a clinic and counselling facilities for teenagers in the promotion of healthy and positive lifestyles, as well as contraceptives and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. LoveLife Ground Breakers are trained to run events at their respective schools and speak publicly about issues such as sex and relationships.
BMW was involved in the process of establishing a database of the network of health and social support services available in surrounding communities to ensure the continued success of the programme.

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