Rules and regulations



You can find all the rules and regulations for the BMW GCI Tournament here.

Invitations are strictly not transferable.


Carts are permitted for players with valid medical certificates. 

Certificates must be emailed to at time of entry.
Play is zoned for cart usage when there are insufficient resident caddies or for cart-only courses.


Players must hand in their signed score cards immediately after completion of their round. Players must be familiar with Rule 6-6 of the Rules of Golf (Players' responsibilities) regarding the requirements for the correct completion/submission of score cards.
Players must tee off the BMW markers. No senior tees allowed.

In the event that two players finish with the same scores, the last best 9, 6, 3 and 1 holes shall decide in the case of qualifying tournaments and national finals.
All prize winners must be present at the prize giving function in order to claim their prize, unless prior arrangements are made with the tournament officials. Should the prize winner not be present, the prize will be carried over to another event.


Participation exclusions

Any player who has taken part as a finalist in the BMW GCI National Final in 2017 and 2018, is not eligible to qualify for the BMW GCI National Final in 2019.
Should a finalist not be available to play in the 2019 BMW GCI National Final, BMW reserves the right to invite the runner up to play in his/her place.
In the event of the finalist withdrawing two weeks prior to the event, the runner up will not be eligible.
No finalist or runner up will be compensated in lieu of not being able to attend the National Final.
The winners of the Men's A, Men's B and Ladies divisions, at the BMW GCI National Final, will qualify to compete in the BMW GCI World Final.
Winners who have participated in a BMW GCI World Final previously are NOT able to qualify for participation in the World Finals. The runner up will then qualify for participation in the World Final.
BMW, its Dealership network staff and their immediate family are allowed to participate in the golf days; however they are not eligible to win or to go through to the BMW GCI National Final.



Handicap rulings Divisions are:

• Men's A (0-12)
• Men's B (13 – 28)
• Ladies (0 - 28)

National finalists' handicap rulings:

Should a finalist's handicap have changed from the time of qualification to the National Final, the following rule applies:

Men's A players are allowed to move out a maximum of one shot.
Men's B players are allowed to move out a maximum of two shots.
Ladies are allowed to move out a maximum of three shots.
In the case where a player's new handicap moves him/her into a new division, the player will remain in his/her qualifying division, but will play off the maximum handicap allowed in that division.
Should a finalist's handicap have improved since qualifying, he/she will remain in the original qualifying division and play off his/her new official handicap.

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