Intelligent Parking.

Intelligent park assistance systems are now available from BMW ConnectedDrive. So that you not only look forward to every journey in your BMW but the parking as well. Your BMW helps you in every parking situation and makes the manoeuvring easier, faster and effortless.

Rear View Camera.

With the Rear View Camera you have everything conveniently in sight at the back too. A wide-angle lens depicts every obstacle in fine detail on the Control Display in colour and from the optimum perspective. Interactive lane lines indicate whether the parking space is large enough for the vehicle and make the actual parking operation easier. When you’re manoeuvring with a trailer, too, the Rear View Camera provides support via the extended zoom function. So you’ll never overlook anything again.

Surround View.

Discover a new way of looking at things with Surround View. It gives you a 270-degree all-round panorama view. It considerably improves vision, particularly when driving in and out of difficult entrances or parking in tight spaces. That is made possible by a combination of cameras in the exterior mirrors and a Rear View camera. In addition, two digital cameras on the left and right at the front of the vehicle capture the situation at the side and transmit it onto the Control Display. This allows you to see crossing traffic approaching in good time and to react accordingly.

Park Distance Control.

Parking and manoeuvring in confined spaces are made easy for you. Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear uses ultrasound to measure the distance to any obstacles that may be present, warns you acoustically and shows how far any obstacles are away in the Control Display. The system switches on below a distance of 80 cm when the vehicle is moving and below 30 cm when stationary.


The Park Assist makes everything easy – even the search for a suitable parking space. Up to a speed of 35 km/h and a maximum distance of 1.5 m to the row of parked cars at the side, the ultrasonic sensors of your BMW measure potential parking spots, which the system then displays to you. Simply select a spot and keep pressing the Park Assist switch. Your BMW then selects the gear on its own, guides the steering and automatically accelerates or brakes. During the search for a spot and the parking manoeuvre, all relevant information is shown on the Control Display.

  • Requirements/availability

    •The Parking Assist has been replaced by the Fully Automatic Parking Assist on selected models, as from December 2013


Intelligent Driving.

Stay relaxed throughout your journey. Now you can rely on the driver assistance systems from BMW ConnectedDrive. They manoeuvre you through the jams, keep you at a safe distance when necessary and react with lightning speed in hazardous situations. Enjoy a feeling of safety in your BMW.

Active Protection.

In a critical situation, Active Protection reacts precisely to every hazard. It initiates measures to protect you such as tightening the seat belts, placing the seats upright and closing the windows and sunroof. After an accident, automatic braking can bring the vehicle to a standstill, thus preventing or reducing the likelihood of follow-on collisions. In addition, the Attentiveness assist recommends breaks whenever there are any symptoms of fatigue to prevent hazards arising in the first place.

Lane Departure Warning.

Stay on course with the Lane Departure Warning including camera-based Collision Warning. It registers lane markings at a distance of 50 metres and beyond a speed of roughly 70 km/h. As soon as you drive over the lane markings at the left and right without activating your indicators, the camera-based system warns you by gently vibrating the steering wheel. Camera-based Collision Warning detects vehicles ahead and warns you if the gap ahead becomes too short or if there is a looming risk of collision. You can then react in time and avoid accidents.

Lane Change Warning.

Your BMW looks out for you. When another vehicle is approaching at high speed from behind or is in your blind spot, the Lane Change Warning helps to appraise the situation correctly. If there is already a vehicle in the neighbouring lane, radar sensors warn you by means of a symbol in the exterior mirror. If you then operate the indicator, the steering wheel vibrates and the symbol flashes up.

Driving Assist.

Driving Assist combines the camera-based systems Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning. The Approach and Pedestrian Warning with City Brake Activation warns of collisions with vehicles or pedestrians at speeds of between 10 and 60 km/h and brakes in an emergency. Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and issues a warning by vibrating the steering wheel whenever there is a threat of leaving the lane unintentionally at speeds above approx. 70 km/h. If the indicator is activated, meaning that a change of lane is intended, no warning is given.


Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go including radar-based approach control warning with Brake Activation keeps a safe distance, so you can relax. It provides you with effective support at all times. Radar sensors permanently scan the carriageway, adapting your speed and maintaining your distance from the vehicle ahead. When the road is clear again, the system accelerates automatically. And, thanks to approach control warning, you can enjoy a safe drive in any situation – even when Cruise Control is not currently activated. If the vehicle brakes sharply, it first warns you with an optical and then an acoustic signal. If you do not respond by braking, your BMW will react and brakes for you.


Intelligent Vision.

Wherever your journey takes you, you should always keep everything in view. With the innovative vision assist technologies, this is quite straightforward. They help you in unclear situations and guarantee you the best possible visibility at night. See more with your BMW.

Side View.

See what’s coming sooner. With Side View you can “peek around the corner” at blind junctions or exits while your line of sight is still actually obstructed. Two cameras built into the front wheel arches enable you to observe crossing traffic. You can see the video image in the Control Display and thus keep an eye on everything.

Speed Limit Info.

Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator shows you the current speed restriction as well as any details of overtaking bans that may apply in your instrument panel or in the Head-Up Display if fitted. A special camera also captures all the relevant traffic signs. A camera mounted in the interior mirror correctly identifies any additional pictographic signs (lorries, trailers, etc.). You can therefore devote your full attention to the road and other road users.

BMW Night Vision.

The BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot is a revolution in safe driving at night. It increases your awareness of hazardous situations. A thermal imaging camera detects any pedestrians or animals in the dark and displays them directly on the Control Display. They are then selectively illuminated by a high-power spotlight. As a result, you get a particularly clear view of everything that you shouldn’t miss at night. The light also provides an effective warning for pedestrians and animals.

High-Beam Assistant.

More light means more safety. The High-Beam Assist automatically takes care of raising and dipping the beam when you’re driving your BMW at night. The camera installed close to the interior mirror monitors the traffic situation and reacts immediately to any light sources at distances of up to 1,000 metres away. Depending on the visibility, the system decides when the headlights should be switched to high beam.

Anti-dazzle High-Beam Assist.

The Anti-dazzle High-Beam Assist makes travelling at night more pleasant and even safer. The system avoids dipping the headlights completely and provides an especially effective permanent full beam. Headlight ranges in excess of 400 m ensure that hazards are detected in good time and guarantee improved tracking. Wherever it detects any vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic, it partially masks the cone of light. You therefore always enjoy the best possible vision even at night - without dazzling other drivers.


Always know what turn to take next. And that’s not all. While you concentrate on the road, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects all the data relevant to your journey directly into your line of sight. This includes information such as current speed, collision warnings, Speed Limit Info or control messages. Without having to constantly switch your gaze from road to instrument panel, you travel in greater safety and comfort.

  • Requirements/availability

    •for availability in BMW models you will obtain more detailed information in the configurator for your own country

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