Over the past four decades, BMW South Africa has moved from operating as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) vehicle production plant, assembling vehicles with limited customisation possibilities for the local market, to a world class plant capable of producing customised cars for discerning customers across the globe.

This evolution is largely due to BMW’s billion rand investment in the Rosslyn plant in the mid 90’s. The investment, used to upgrade the production facility into one of the most modern in the world, brought Rosslyn in line with other BMW plants across the world and earned it the title of BMW World Plant Rosslyn. BMW continues to invest in the South African facility in preparation of the production of future models.

BMW South Africa Rosslyn is currently producing the sixth generation of the 3 Series and is capable of producing up to 60 000 units per annum.



Over 85% of all BMW 3 Series vehicles produced at the Rosslyn plant are destined for BMW markets in the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Canada.

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Sustainable Mobility Overview.


BMW is committed to delivering mobility for future generations by taking up the challenge of performing in all three fields of sustainability: economic success; social responsibility and environmental protection.

In terms of succeeding in terms of this triple bottom line, BMW seeks to establish a viable balance between the interests of mankind, nature, technology, business, progress and the right of future generations to an intact environment.

BMW is committed to ongoing sustainability through:

  • Minimising the use and diversity of materials in production.
  • Using materials compatible with the environment such as recyclables and natural materials.
  • Avoiding the use of environmentally harmful materials.
  • Designing components suitable for end-of-life recycling.
  • Researching and developing alternative mobility concepts.


Integrated Management Systems.


In October 1999 BMW World Plant Rosslyn became the first motor manufacturer in the world to be awarded ISO 9002, ISO 14001and BS8800 certification for its integrated Quality, Safety and Health and Environmental Management Systems.

This structured and systematic approach to the integrated management of environmental, as well as health, safety and quality risks at the Plant, has resulted in several environmental highlights including:


  • The reduction of water consumption by 80% to date.
  • A chemical management system: no chemical may be used without the approval of the Environmental Manager, Health and Safety Manager and BMW Medical Station.
  • The labelling of all Storm Water Channels and the implementation of an extensive programme aimed at the prevention of water pollution via these channels.
  • The replacement of four-fifths of the solvent in the paint and cavity wax used at the Rosslyn Plant’s paint shop, with water. This means that when the car bodies dry out, the water that goes back into the atmosphere contains a minimum amount of solvent emissions.
  • The management of waste and the recycling of materials such as cardboard, wood, metal, used oil and tyres at the Plant.