Invest in driving pleasure.

With a BMW loan solution, you choose to make an investment. Your monthly rates sum up to the total value of your vehicle. And after the final payment, your vehicle belongs to you. But there are more benefits that might make a BMW Loan the perfect financial option for you.

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BMW Loan.Invest in driving pleasure.

Investment towards ownership.

If you want to own your chosen vehicle in the end, then you are better off going for an attractive loan solution.

No mileage restrictions.

if you want to drive limitless miles, a loan will give you the flexibility you need.

Option: Monthly installments only.

Regular, straight forward monthly payments gives you full transparency towards your ownership.

Option: Lower monthly instalments combined with a final balloon payment.

Attractive instalments give you greater financial flexibility until the final payment.


Discover your BMW loan offers.

Owning a BMW has never been easier. Depending on your financial requirements we can offer you the right loan option, whether you prefer low instalments combined with a balloon payment at the end or fixed instalments to keep your financial planning stable.

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Unlimited freedom with minimum risk. Our Basic Loan option offers you fixed or variable instalments without a large final payment. Depending on your agreement, you may even own your BMW right from the start. Whether you keep your vehicle at the end of your agreement is completely up to you.
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Keep your expectations high and your payments reasonable. Our Balloon Loan option lets you own the BMW of your dreams without a substantial impact on your cash flow. Keeping the larger portion (balloon payment) of your loan until the end will give you financial freedom for other plans and investments.
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You are an existing customer of BMW Financial Services? Discover your options to review or manage your existing financial agreement, learn more about your options as you come towards the end of your financial agreement, or simply contact us.

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