Small measures with a big effect.

With BMW cosmetic care & repair, your BMW Approved Repair centre effortlessly smooths out little nicks and bumps of daily life.

BMW cosmetic repairs are carried out quickly and precisely at the high level of quality you expect from BMW. Our experienced technicians eliminate dents, scratches or cracks, and return your paintwork, windscreen or bumper to its original factory condition.

With BMW cosmetic repair, your BMW is restored to its pristine appearance. This ensures continued BMW value, performance, safety and driving pleasure.

Moreover, our wide range of original BMW CareProducts helps you protect the sleek aerodynamic sheen of your BMW.

Let BMW cosmetic care & repair convince you that your BMW is brand new once more.

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Maintain your vehicle’s appearance and value – let BMW dent repair restore your BMW to its original top quality.

Hail damage, parking lot mishaps, or minor vandalism can cause a dent in your car. With BMW dent repair, body damages can be removed without having to repaint.

Using innovative repair methods, your BMW Service partner can massage away dents.

BMW dent repair is especially good at fixing dents and compressions up to 60 mm where the original paintwork has not been scratched.


BMW plastic repair provides an easy way to quickly and cost-effectively fix BMW bumper scrapes and cracks.

Bumpers are always prone to scratches and cracks. From the high street to the holiday home, the bumper protects you, and it often pays the price for that. That’s why we offer BMW plastic repair.

BMW plastic crack repair and other BMW plastic repair is performed by your experienced BMW Service Partner. Expert repair of minor damage to exterior plastic parts returns them to BMW’s proven standards of quality.

BMW plastic repair is especially good for fixing BMW bumper scratches, BMW bumper cracks and abrasions, as well as holes and stone chips up to 25 mm.


BMW spot paint repair at a BMW Service Partner provides localised BMW new paint repairs to BMW’s proven standards of quality.

BMW paint damage can be caused by vandalism, accidents or road hazards such as stone chips paint damage. Paint damage always detracts from the otherwise perfect appearance of your BMW.

By implementing the environmentally friendly BMW ColorSystem and using a special treatment and partial painting it is possible to repair small or big scratches. The result is perfection – the work is invisible, and the appearance restored to its former glory.

Subject to assessment by your BMW Approved Repair Centre.