BMW ConnectedDrive from A - Z.

Do you have questions about BMW ConnectedDrive? Are you looking for a specific item of equipment? Or would you like more in-depth information? Then you'll be sure to find the answer in our BMW ConnectedDrive glossary.

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  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go

    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function makes for relaxed driving even in heavy traffic. It keeps you at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead at all times. If the traffic comes to a halt, the system applies the brakes until the vehicle comes to a standstill and then automatically moves on as soon as the road is clear.

    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function has primarily been developed for journeys on highways and major roads. Three radar sensors with a range of up to 150 metres permanently scan the carriageway in the direction of travel. When you approach a vehicle in front, the engine management and brakes adjust your speed so that the distance is automatically kept constant – and if necessary, the vehicle comes to a standstill.

    When the lane ahead becomes clear or the vehicle in front speeds up, Active Cruise Control accelerates again until you reach your desired speed. To move off again after the vehicle has stopped, the driver has to give the command to accelerate manually, either by briefly pressing the accelerator or pressing a button. If the stop lasts from 1 to 3 seconds, the vehicle moves off automatically. Up to four cruising speeds can be pre-programmed and called up at the push of a button. The operating range extends from 30 to 180 km/h.

    The distance to be maintained is calculated in seconds rather than metres, which means you have a sufficient time to react at any speed. The comfort-centred assistance system additionally offers a high level of safety. A tight curve is registered via the DSC data and the navigation system, and then the speed is adjusted accordingly.

    On multilane carriageways, the system detects whether another vehicle is only driving on the adjacent lane. Furthermore, if you wish to resume full control of the vehicle at any time, all you have to do is briefly press the accelerator or brake in order to deactivate the system.

    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function is not an autopilot. Consequently, if the vehicle ahead brakes harder than expected or if the system detects a critical situation, the driver receives acoustic and optical prompts to take action. Driving in heavy traffic thus becomes noticeably easier and tiring situations such as traffic jams become easier to master with greater concentration.

  • Active Protection

    Active Protection is the preventive passenger protection system from BMW ConnectiveDrive.

    If a critical driving situation arises, the front seat belts undergo reversible pretensioning while the electrically adjustable passenger seats at the front and rear are moved to an upright position, the side windows are closed together with the sunroof – if present. Such a situation may be all-out braking that you have initiated or strong signs of the vehicle understeering or oversteering. In certain emergency situations, your vehicle can be automatically brought to a standstill with maximum deceleration. This reduces the likelihood of a second collision or prevents one entirely. In addition, the Attentiveness assist monitors your driving behaviour for any symptoms of fatigue. The system analyses your steering behaviour and reacts to any irregularities by recommending you to take a break in the Control Display.

  • Anti-dazzle High-Beam Assist

    The Anti-dazzle High-Beam Assist makes travelling at night more pleasant and even safer. This equipment gives you the best possible vision in the dark, without dazzling other drivers.

    The system detects other road users and selectively excludes them from the high beam coverage. Headlight ranges in excess of 400 m ensure that hazards are detected in good time and guarantee improved tracking. The dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant requires the Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights equipment options.

  • Audible

    With the app Audible for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone you have download access to more than 80,000 audio books.

    The app offers additional functions such as a sleep mode, button-free navigation, playback during download or transfer of the audio books from your library to your iPhone via Wi-Fi.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

  • Bluetooth interface

    The Bluetooth interface from BMW ConnectedDrive integrates smartphones into the intuitive display and control concept.

    This enables direct access to the most important data and functions of the mobile phone inside the vehicle – and is extremely safe and comfortable to use. You can also connect another mobile phone at the same time. A BMW snap-in adapter (accessory) is available for certain devices. It connects the telephone to the vehicle’s aerial and simultaneously charges the battery. Bluetooth Audio Streaming allows the interface to wirelessly transmit music data to the vehicle’s audio system.

    If your mobile phone supports Bluetooth transmission, you can view your e-mails, text messages, telephone lists, contacts, calendar entries and current track information on the Info Display while listening to music. The text-to-speech function lets you hear contents via the audio system. Depending on the equipment installed, the mobile phone can be operated by the intuitive iDrive Controller, functional bookmarks, multifunctional steering wheel or Voice Control.

  • Bluetooth Office

    Your smartphone makes lots of things easier. In connection with your BMW, it means that you can now receive e-mails everywhere, organise your appointments and plan your schedule for the day. The BMW ConnectedDrive Bluetooth Office integrates many functions in the main menu of your vehicle.

    The features of latest-generation smartphones transform them into high-performance mobile communication centres, which do much more than just phoning. You can now also use these benefits effectively in your BMW. The Bluetooth interface in your car provides access to the most important office functions all the time. View your appointments, calendar entries, information and messages conveniently on the vehicle display or use the text-to-speech function to listen to them through the loudspeakers of your audio system.

    You can display your appointments for the past 20 and next 50 days, and any phone numbers noted in your entries can be quickly and easily selected to call your contact. And, of course, pictures of callers are displayed, too. The Control Display lets you see exactly who is on the line whenever you receive an incoming call. BMW ConnectedDrive guarantees the absolute mobility of your mobile phone – and always keeps you right up to date.

  • BMW Apps

    Load selected apps onto your smartphone or tablet and use the applications on your devices or directly in your BMW.

  • BMW Car Hotspot LTE

    Need to check your bank balance on the move or look something up on Wikipedia? The BMW Car Hotspot allows you to use the time you spend in your car productively or for relaxation.

    Various devices, including tablets, laptops and games consoles, can all access a wireless Internet connection at the same time, via either a SIM card inserted in the BMW Car Hotspot or a mobile phone with a SIM access profile. The BMW Car Hotspot is fitted into the centre armrest, using a snap-in adapter, with a combination of LTE, UMTS (HSDPA) and GSM technology ensuring the best possible connection. A visual display shows the current connection status. International roaming can be switched off by the user. Use of the roof antenna guarantees optimum reception and reduces radiation inside the vehicle.

  • BMW Connected

    With the free BMW Connected app you can view various applications on the Control Display or listen to them using the text-to-speech function.

    Connected wherever you are – Facebook and Twitter.

    Simply take your social networks with you and view your status reports while on the move.

    Everything at a glance – Calendar.

    Never forget an appointment again. The BMW Connected app brings your calendar entries clearly onto your vehicle display and appointments are read out on request.

    The right station at all times – Web radio.

    Web radio provides you with countless radio stations from all over the world.

    Find the right way even on foot – Last Mile.

    Arrive at the destination set in your navigation system even when you’re outside of the vehicle and be sure of finding your way back to your car at all times.

    Fully up to date – News.

    Your very own personal news service. View the latest news via RSS feed.

    Advance information – Wiki Local.

    Find out more about your current location, your destination or a postcode. With Wiki Local, you won’t miss out on any information.

    Travelling economically – ECO PRO Analyser

    Driving efficiently becomes child’s play. The ECO PRO Analyser evaluates the efficiency of accelerating, braking and changing gear and awards stars accordingly (0 – 5). Useful ECO tips additionally help to achieve an even more efficient driving style.*

    The BMW Connected app also informs you about the current availability of BMW Apps ready applications.

    In order to use the app in your BMW, download it on the App Store or on Google Play™, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    *Offer may differ for Apple and Android devices

  • BMW ConnectedDrive

    BMW ConnectedDrive represents the intelligent linking of vehicle, driver and outside world. It makes sure you’re always so connected, you’re free.

    The interplay between the many and varied BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps and the intelligent Driver Assistance systems supports BMW drivers in every respect – be it for more comfort, entertainment during the journey or that reassuring feeling of safety on all routes.

    BMW unites a unique range of equipment options under the term BMW ConnectedDrive and offers drivers an exceptional form of mobility. Or, to put it simply - sheer driving pleasure.

  • BMW Head-Up Display

    Don’t lose sight of the important things, with the BMW Head-Up Display. It projects relevant driving information directly into the driver’s line of sight. This allows drivers to process it up to 50 percent faster and keep their attention where it belongs – on the road.

    A projector located behind the instrument panel, which beams its image onto the windscreen, provides the technical basis for the BMW Head-Up Display. The result is a high-resolution, broad-format colour display that remains easy to read regardless of the lighting conditions.

    A system of mirrors causes the projection to appear at a distance of roughly 2 metres above the tip of the bonnet. The advantage of this is that the driver’s eyes do not have to keep refocusing as they switch between the far and close-up ranges.

    The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display in many new-generation BMW models offers drivers an even greater level of comfort. Several colours now make it even easier to distinguish between general information for the driver, such as speed limits and navigation instructions, and urgent warning signals. Important information such as “Pedestrian in the road” (in conjunction with the optional BMW Night Vision) is now even clearer and more easily recognisable – thus reducing the driver's reaction time. The iDrive Controller allows vertical and horizontal adjustment of the BMW Head-Up Display to obtain the optimum projection. With this extended image rotation, the BMW Head-Up Display thus offers individual setting options. The driver’s vision is thus directed towards the essentials at all times – the most important information and the road.

    Apart from the vehicle speed, which is permanently on view, the BMW Head-Up Display can also show other content depending on the model and equipment. Examples include rpm, navigation instructions such as Guiding information with intersection zoom and Lane Guiding, Speed Limit Info and the status of the Active Cruise Control. Driver assist warnings and the Check Control are also shown in the BMW Head-Up Display, e.g. pedestrian recognition from BMW Night Vision or the Collision Warning.

    Drivers can configure the BMW Head-Up Display to their requirements using the iDrive Controller.

  • BMW i Remote App

    Range display, battery and charging level, service messages or vehicle location: the BMW i Remote App supplies you with detailed information on the current status of your BMW i at all times.

  • BMW i Remote App for Samsung Gear S

    The innovative refinement of the BMW i Remote App for the Samsung Gear S means that as from now you are no longer connected with your BMW i via your smartphone but also via your Smartwatch.

  • BMW i Navigation

    The quick and economical way: the connected BMW i Navigation guides you along the most efficient route to your destination.