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BMW Geniuses are knowledgeable, dynamic and tech-savvy BMW product experts who will assist you with finding a vehicle that is perfectly suited to your needs. They will help you with booking a test drive, will ensure that you understand the many exciting features of your vehicle and will answer any questions that you may have. BMW Geniuses are also available to advise existing BMW owners who may return with their vehicle to ask after-sales questions about its features.

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BMW Genius Hotline: 0800 600 888
Available Monday through Friday: 7am – 10pm


Email us with any questions that you may have.

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From answering your most complex questions about your vehicle to booking a test drive, our BMW Geniuses are at your service. Put our BMW Geniuses to the test and join in the live social media discussion on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm starting on Tuesday, 16 January 2018. Use the hashtag #BMWGeniusSA to connect with us.


If you need immidiate assistance, the BMW Geniuses are available via the BMW Genius Hotline Monday through Friday, from 7am to 10pm.

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January 2018


Let our BMW Geniuses help you to better understand your vehicle. This month, our BMW Geniuses will answer your questions on how to set up the BMW Connected App, where to download it from and how to improve the quality of your drive. The BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps offer a wide range of useful features. Find out just how to make your life easier and turn every journey into an experience. Our BMW Geniuses will also discuss the benefits of BMW Select and how you could be driving a new BMW every three years.
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February 2018


If you’ve recently purchased a BMW and have questions about what your motorplan covers, let our BMW Geniuses talk you through it. Not only will our BMW Geniuses guide you through your vehicle’s service schedule, but they will also answer any questions that you may have on run-flat tyres, SOS and Emergency Call. Our BMW Geniuses will also explain the difference between the various drive modes, how to activate climate control and how to update your vehicle’s software.
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March 2018


Looking for answers to your questions about cruise control? To ensure that you get the best value out of your vehicle, our BMW Geniuses are here to answer any questions that you may have about park assist, cruise control, setting up driver profiles and updating your navigation. Our BMW Geniuses will also show you how to make the best of Apple Car Play and how to connect different phones to the I-drive system.
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April 2018


Are you making the best of your ConnectedDrive services? Let our BMW Geniuses walk you through the process of how to renew these services to ensure that you get the best out of what your vehicle has to offer. Our BMW Geniuses will also answer any questions that you may have about how to save a destination to a contact, how to keep your lights on when you get home and how to access a split screen. Do you have any questions about your vehicle? Join the discussion and our BMW Geniuses will get back to you.
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  • What is the benefit of Variable Sport Steering and is it a standard option?

    The Variable Sport Steering changes the steering ratio depending on the speed and always ensures a perfect steering angle. When parking, two steering wheel turns from the right to left limit position are enough, at higher speeds the more indirect design supports confident direction stability. It is an optional extra.

  • What is BMW EfficientDynamics?

    BMW Efficient Dynamics is a comprehensive package of innovative technologies that serve to reduce consumption and emissions in the competitive environment. BMW EfficientDynamics reduces consumption and emissions, while at the same time increasing driving dynamics. As a result, there is less consumption and more driving pleasure.

  • What is HDC and is it standard for BMW xDrive?

    Hill Descent Control enables even steep downhill passages to be mastered automatically and safely at slightly more than walking speed - without the driver having to brake.

    HDC is standard for xDrive and can be operated via the optional multifunction steering wheel.

  • What is the Mobile Care option in my BMW ConnectedDrive suit and what are the benefits?

    In case of a breakdown or a malfunction of the vehicle the customer can call for assistance by choosing BMW Mobile Care in the ConnectedDrive menu under service items. At the touch of a button current vehicle data is transmitted to a Mobile Care (On Call) specialist. After the data transmission, a voice connection is immediately established to the call centre.

  • Which option should I select in the ConnectedDrive Main Menu should my vehicle breakdown?

    On the main menu: select ConnectedDrive, navigate to BMW Mobile Care. Upon selecting the option the call will be directed to BMW On Call.

  • What is the difference between Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning?

    The Lane Departure Warning activates if the driver leaves the lane he/she is driving in without engaging the turn indicator. The system issues a timely warning via a vibration of the steering wheel.

    Lane Change Warning activates in the event of an intended lane change. The Lane Change Warning issues a warning if there are vehicles in the blind spot or approaching at high speed.

  • I would like to purchase a vehicle for my daughter; my main concern is her safety. What optional safety packages do BMW offer?

    BMW safety features include: Adaptive headlights, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist, LED/Laser Headlights, Rain Sensor, Intelligent Emergency Call, BMW Night Vision, Lane Change Warning and Head-Up Display.

  • What is BMW Laserlight?

    BMW Laserlight is the next generation headlight technology delivering superlative illumination with an up to 600m high beam range. With blue design accents and 'BMW Laserlight' lettering, these headlights possess their own distinguished design.

  • What are the benefits of High-Beam assist?

    High-Beam assist provides optimal road illumination and reduces the burden on the driver by automatically switching the high-beam lights on and off, depending on the traffic situation. The high-beam lights are automatically switched on again as oncoming traffic has passed ensuring increased safety through enhanced visibility.

  • Can I buy a voucher and make a booking for a Driver Experience Course online? If so, what is the process?

    Bookings are made via
    - Select BMW Driving Experience.
    - Select Vouchers. You can also download the course brochure.
    - Select the course you would like to buy a voucher for, and enter your information as prompted.
    - After you have submitted your information, you will be prompted to deposit the amount of your selected course into the BMW Driving Experience bank account.
    - Once payment reflects on the bank statement, the voucher will be e-mailed to you.

  • What is the oil service interval on my vehicle?

    Oil services, as well as any other services due on your vehicle, are condition based and depends on usage of the vehicle. Depending on the age and options available on your vehicle, you can determine when the next service is due by pressing the button on the indicator stick, or scrolling through your i-Drive menu. With BMW ConnectedDrive, your vehicle will alert the BMW Customer Interaction Centre as to when a service is required and a consultant will contact you directly to make a booking at your preferred dealer.

  • Where can one charge BMW electric vehicles?

    Public Charging:
    BMW creates innovative solutions for city e-mobility, especially for drivers without their own charging options so that they have access to flexible and time-saving parking and charging options in public car parks.

    Thanks to networked BMW i Navigation with BMW ConnectedDrive, the BMW i3 knows where the nearest charging station is, indicates whether it is available and incorporates it into your route, if necessary. So BMW i drivers can easily find one of the increasingly common public charging stations in the city and top up their battery.

    Home Charging:
    Electric vehicles have many advantages over conventional vehicles, for example, they have a ‘full tank’ every morning, because they can be charged quickly and easily at home using the standard charging cable supplied.

    Or even faster and even more simply with the BMW i Wallbox. This wall-mounted charging station for home use increases charging capacity while reducing charging time - the ideal design accessory for BMW i vehicles. The installation service available through BMW i and is part of the complete Wallbox package which can be customised to your specific needs. And because BMW i promotes consistent sustainability in e-mobility, BMW i will also arrange the appropriate green electricity contract with a selected renewable energy provider.

  • At which dealership can I purchase a BMWi product?
  • Can I fit conventional tyres to my vehicle and how will this impact the Motorplan?

    BMW SA does not recommend that conventional tyres be fitted onto the vehicle as your vehicle is built and tested with specific tyre brands and therefore cannot guarantee that the road handling will be the same. Furthermore, any consequential damage as a result of the fitment of the non-approved tyres will not be covered by the Warranty or Motorplan undertaking.

    The recommended and approved tyre brands are: Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin and Continental. When purchasing runflat tyres, ensure that they are BMW approved. You may identify a BMW approved runflat tyre by the RSC * rating.

  • What is covered by the BMW Motorplan?

    BMW Motorplan covers all serviceable items as a result of normal wear and tear, whether mechanical or electrical. However it excludes tyres, glass, accident repairs and trim items.

  • Can BMW On Call assist me in the event that I breakdown after my Motorplan has expired?

    On Call services are available to you free of charge for the first 5 years from date of Motorplan inception. The service can thereafter be extended with the extension of the vehicle's Motorplan undertaking. BMW On Call may assist you thereafter, however all associated costs will be for your account.

  • How do I transfer the balance of a BMW Motorplan to a purchased vehicle?

    BMW SA require a full Motorplan risk assessment to be carried out at an authorized BMW dealership, the cost of the assessment will be for the client's account.

  • I would like to extend my BMW Motorplan and would like to check at what stage do I become eligible to request a BMW Motorplan extension?

    BMW Motorplan allows for an extension to be generated 6 months prior to standard contract expiry date or when your vehicle’s mileage is at 80 000 km.

  • My BMW has been in an accident. The insurance company is insisting on having my vehicle repaired at a non-approved BMW panelshop, will this affect my Motorplan?

    BMW SA does not recommend that you have your vehicle repaired at a non-approved panelshop, however should the repairs be carried out at a non-approved panelshop, a Motorplan risk assessment will need to be conducted by a BMW approved panelshop prior to your Motorplan being re-instated.