The BMW M3 Sedan.


Basic Model

M3 Sedan

Rated Power/Rated Engine Speed (kW/rpm)

317 /5500 - 7300

Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s

4.3 [4.1]

CO2 emissions in g/km

204 [194]

Unladen weight Din in kg

1520 [1560]

*Figures for automatic gearbox displayed in brackets, when different from manual.


The BMW M3 Sedan is a four-door, high-performance sports car. The completely redeveloped 317kW M TwinPower Turbo straight 6-cylinder petrol engine offers spontaneous performance across the entire rev range. Innovations from motor sport like the Active M differential, Adaptive M suspension, M Servotronic or the 7-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic redefine the limits of possibility. The cockpit is the last word in perfect ergonomics. The new M seats with their shell-like form offer side stability and create the ideal connection to the vehicle. Everything is orientated towards one thing, the driver.


From pulling power to driving force.

High performance, outstanding technology and the true sensation of motor sports can be expressed in one single letter: M.

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Driving Dynamics.

Your eye on the apex of the turn and the vehicle perfectly under control. The BMW M3 Sedan is built to challenge the limits of pure dynamics. In tandem with a 6-speed manual transmission or, if you prefer, an interruption-free 7-speed M double-clutch transmission, the 317kW M TwinPower Turbo straight 6-cylinder petrol engine guarantees a powerful, precise drive. The new Active M Differential provides optimal grip at all times and the M Servotronic ensures finely-adjusted steering.
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The powerful dynamics of the BMW M3 Sedan are unmistakeable. The large air inlets in the front guarantee optimal cooling of the M drive train in all situations. The muscular powerdome delineates the shape of the turbocharger engine. It’s clear at a glance that every detail is justified by its function and adds to the vehicle’s iconic appearance.
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As in other areas, the BMW M3 Sedan is a top performer when it comes to efficiency, too. Intelligent EfficientDynamics measures such as the Automatic Start/Stop function or Brake Energy Regeneration ensure optimal use of resources and thus play a crucial role in maintaining the power and stamina of the BMW M3 Sedan. This results in not only better dynamics, but also a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.
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