BMW i subbrand


Accessories & Services for the BMW i3.

BMW i has developed a sustainable service concept that guarantees reliable all-round support before, during, and after the purchase of a BMW i3. You can also rely on the sustainably produced accessories with intelligent functions in the BMW i design.


For the BMW i3, intelligent accessory solutions were developed which apply the ‘less is more’ philosophy and use high-quality, sustainable materials. Experience the excitement of the functionality and design language of BMW.

  • Wallbox Pure

    The forward-looking and ergonomically designed BMW i Wallbox Pure is a home charging station for the BMW i3 that facilitates especially fast and convenient charging. In comparison to the standard supplied charging cable, the charging procedure of the BMW i3 is reduced again by approx. 30 percent. Function and operation of the BMW i Wallbox Pure are fully aligned with the BMW i vehicles.

    The installation of the BMW i Wallbox Pure is done, if desired, after a comprehensive consultation and individual on-site inspection during which the house’s electrical system can be expanded, if necessary. This allows you to receive the complete service from one source. Conveniently, BMW i is also responsible for the aftersales service.

    With the online pre-check, you can check whether the requirements for the installation of a Wallbox Pure are suitable

  • All-weather floor mat

    The precisely sized all-weather floor mat in 3D appearance matches harmoniously with the innovative design in the continuous footwell and is perfectly suited to the BMW i interior. The dirt-resistant and waterproof material offers secure hold thanks to the BMW tested restraining system and consists of a newly-developed and sustainable combination of plastic materials that are 100 percent recyclable. Waste created during production is also recycled 100 percent.

  • Board bag

    The attractive storage bag in BMW i design is perfect for storing charging cable, tools, and automobile care products. The rugged bag fits snugly in the luggage compartment tray under the front hood of the BMW i3 and makes removing and stowing especially easy, clean, and convenient. Both the charging cable as well as the connectors are effectively protected against dust and spray water. The storage back comes with removable organiser and original BMW workshop gloves.

  • Folding box

    The practical folding box in BMW i design is made of high-quality textile fabric produced from recyclable PET bottles and fits seamlessly in the luggage compartment of the BMW i3. It facilitates a slip-free storage of items. The luggage compartment is also effectively protected against dirt. The simple and intelligent folding mechanism saves space when folded. When unfolded it fits into every shopping cart and helps keep your items organised with two large compartments and two small key compartments.

  • AC Rapid Charge Cable (Mode 3)

    The AC Rapid Charge Cable helps to make recharging at public charging stations up to three times faster, depending on the local electricity infrastructure. Thanks to its good spiralisation, it is especially easy to handle.


The Wallbox Installation Service will take care of the complete installation of the Wallbox at your home after a free online pre-check of your electrical system.

  • Online Pre-Check

    With our online pre-check, you can quite easily check for yourself whether your home electrical system is suitable for the installation of a wallbox.

  • Wallbox Installation Service

    BMW i offers an attractive all-round service for the installation of the Wallbox Pure.
    With the online pre-check, you can quickly see whether the installation of a BMW i Wallbox is possible. Your BMW i Dealer can perform this quick test, if necessary. The wallbox installation check, which you can order directly from your BMW i Dealer, will ensure that your electrical installation and application situation allows the installation of a BMW i Wallbox. The last step is the installation of the wallbox via the Wallbox Installation Service, which you can order from your BMW i Dealer. It is performed by the selected premium Dealer.

  • Charging assist

    BMW i ConnectedDrive displays the current state of charge of the battery and the remaining charging time till full charge via the BMW i Remote App and also in the BMW i3 itself. Charging times can also be configured like the desired starting point for acclimatisation so that the BMW i3 keeps the optimum temperature in the passenger compartment ready before the journey starts. If the charging procedure does not proceed correctly, the driver will automatically receive the corresponding information message via the BMW i App, and via SMS or email for a critical battery charge level.

  • Range Assist

    Via the BMW i ConnectedDrive Services for navigation, not only the charge level of the high-voltage battery is taken into account in the route planning but also the most efficient route is suggested to help you reach your destination without interruption, traffic, unnecessary stops, and with the lowest possible energy consumption. Currently available charging stations can be displayed and public transport can also be included in the route suggestions*, if the destination lies outside of the possible range or if traffic jams occur along the route.
    * Available soon

  • BMW TeleServices

    BMW TeleServices are a comprehensive package of customer services with which the BMW i3 is able to communicate with the driver or the BMW i Dealer directly in order to inform about pending maintenance or necessary services and transfer the relevant data directly. The driver is automatically notified when a service appointment is necessary and is able to contact the BMW i Dealer at any time and manually transfer the vehicle data. This allows any possibly occurring problems to either be quickly solved via a phone call or directly at the BMW i Dealer.

  • Mobility Assist

    Stay mobile in every situation with BMW i. Even in the event of service or repair, replacement mobility is provided. With the pick-up & delivery service, you also profit if the next BMW i Dealer is not within easy reach.
    With the purchase of a BMW i3, the comprehensive BMW i Mobile Care package is automatically available to you. This ensures that competent help is available via telephone for any unforeseen events that could affect the vehicle or charging infrastructure and provides quick help at your location, if needed. In the event of an emergency, the vehicle is charged again directly at the location and transported to the next charging station or, if necessary or desired, directly to the BMW i Dealer. Thanks to a comprehensive replacement mobility offer, you'll also stay mobile without restrictions in such an event.


Motorplan is standard on all BMW i vehicles and covers your BMW i for 5 years / 100,000km and covers the following.

Repair work to all major components, beyond the Standard New Vehicle Warranty. 

•  All maintenance and service work stipulated in the BMW customer service booklet  

•  All repairs and costs of parts from normal wear and tear which may occur when the manufacturer's warranty has already expired  

•  Battery warrantee for 8 years or 100,000 km  

•  All oils, brake fluids and other lubricants required during a service  

•  Vehicle mileage is checked and verified on the BMW i Motorplan system  

•  Access to 24-hour roadside assistance through BMW On Call  

Additional benefits.

Aside from offering you comprehensive peace of mind relating to all aspects of your vehicle maintenance, BMW i Motorplan also includes these benefits: 

•  Re-routing facility of your BMW i to the approved BMW i dealer in case of a breakdown.  

•  Ease of budgeting for your future motoring costs.  

•  The ability to transfer the balance of your BMW i Motorplan contract to a new owner if you sell or trade in your vehicle, thus enhancing the retail value of your vehicle.

BMW Motorplan excludes:

•  All alterations, modifications, accessories, tyres, glass, soft-top canvas, and accident damage.  

•  Any repair work resulting from the owner′s negligence or abuse.  

•  Paint, body and trim repairs.  


Your peace of mind does not have to come to the end of the road. BMW i Motorplan can be renewed up to 7 years/ 200 000 km, the most extensive option available. However your BMW Motorplan renewal must be taken up before the current one expires. 

The added benefit is that you pay current prices for future services. Further information.By contacting your BMW i dealership, your Motorplan can be renewed easily and conveniently. Alternatively contact the BMW Customer Contact Centre on 0800 600 555 for further information.